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Most bars/restaurants will tell you that when it’s slow, and by ‘slow’ I mean dead, it is common for private establishments to close a little early to keep operating costs down. This particular night was very slow, so we got confirmation of an early close, one hour to be exact, so instead of 9pm on a Sunday, we’re closing at 8pm on a Sunday. For a kitchen, closing at [time] means a hard stop, with as much already done as possible while still being able to potentially make an order at a few minutes before
As my fellow bartender and I are nearing completion of our nightly clean-up, a customer walks in just past 9:00.

Coworker: Hi, sir, I do apologize but we’re closing up now. I’m more than happy to get you some wine or a beer, since those are readily available.
Customer: (Checking watch) Are you closed??
Me: Yes, sir, we typically close at 9:00 anyway, but the slowness of the night had us close a little early.
Customer: Well, it’s 9:00 and I fought traffic to get all the way down here, so you’re going to make me some food.
*Not only is there no traffic at 8:30pm on a Sunday unless you’re leaving a major event (sports, concert, etc.) which is your own fault, but their demand is incredibly rude and stupid to make*
Me: *trying to be polite while explaining it’s even worse for us* I do apologize, sir. This is the only time I’ve seen this happen here, and we definitely would have preferred to be busy instead of losing money.
Customer: Well you shouldn’t do this. It had better not happen again, or I’ll never come back!
I’ve noticed my coworker’s face has gone sour, and she’s about to say something ‘un-kind’, so I talk very loudly over her.
Me: (as customer is leaving) Yes, sir, I do hope that our time is worth it in the future!

It should be noted that this man was very well-dressed, in a suit, tie and overcoat. I bet you he would not have obliged any business demands at his company past regular hours, yet expects us to know he’s coming and make him food on command when we’re closed. I seriously do not understand people!