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I’m browsing the used video game shelf at a major video game retail chain when another customer walks up to me.

Other Customer: Excuse me.
Me: Yes?
Other Customer: Can you tell me how much this is? (They hold up a game)
Me: I don’t work here. But I’m sure that one of the employees could help you. (I gesture at the employees who are at the cash registers, clearly visible in their store uniforms, which look absolutely nothing like the shorts and t-shirt I’m wearing)
Other Customer: But they’re busy (note, they’re just standing there), and you’re right here.
Me: I. Don’t. Work. Here. But I’m sure that one of the actual employees would be happy to assist you.
Other Customer: (Indignant) How rude! I have half a mind to report you to your supervisor!
Me: Sure, go right ahead. (By this time, the two employees have noticed and are struggling to contain their laughter).

The other customer finally heads over to the register and I can easily hear them complaining about “that unhelpful employee.”

Shift Supervisor: Sir, that person over there is not and never has been employed in this store. Now please stop harassing the other customers.