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Unfiltered | May 19, 2016

(I’ve been battling a particularly bad case of mono for the last 5 weeks. I needed to go to the store and, as I don’t drive, I had to walk. I knew before I got 1/4 of the way to the store that I shouldn’t make the walk because I was feeling poorly, but I continued, because the trip HAD to be made. Halfway home, I got so exhausted and dizzy that I had to sit and rest. After about 5 minutes of sitting, this took place:)

young woman (yw): ‘Hey are you okay?’

Me: Yeah, mostly. I have mono and I just overexerted myself.’

YW: ‘do you need any help? Can I carry anything for you?’

Me: *long pause* ‘I really want to say yes, but I live a couple blocks up’

YW: ‘Where do you live?’

Me: *gesturing* ‘The apartments at the end of the street.’

YW: *brief pause* ‘I can help you with that! If you need to, I can carry these to your door.’

(She carried my bags to the end of the street–I was feeling well enough by that time to get them from there, and didn’t want to put her out more.)

On the off chance you see this, “S”, your help meant more to me than you know.

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