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(It was a busy day in the basement where I file paperwork for all of Jacksonville’s environmental complaints, now normally I don’t deal with customers directly just their papers, in fact no one but my manager is even supposed to have the number to this phone, bu I got a lovely call anyway for another employee, let’s call him Paul)
*Phone rings*
Me: “Hello”
Caller: “Hello is this Paul”
Me: “Um no ma’am, I believe you have the wrong number”
Caller: “What? I don’t have the wrong number this is Paul’s number right? I need to talk to him about my yard, put him on the phone”
(I have no idea who Paul is or what she is talking about)
Me: “I’m sorry but there isn’t anyone here named Paul”
Caller: “What? Who is this?”
(I really didn’t want to give her my name)
Me: “Well I am the file clerk for…” (Cuts me off)
Caller: “Just put Paul on the line this is important”
Me: “I understand that Ma’am but I am trying to tell you”
Caller: “What?”
Me: “I don’t know who or where Paul is so I can’t put him on”
Caller: “Why not? Don’t you work for the city?”
Me: “Yes Ma’am But”
Caller: “So Paul is there somewhere go find him”
(Sure let me just go bug everyone in Jacksonville, that’ll work. patience is a virtue…)
Me: “I don’t think you understand, this is just a phone in the basement, no one else works down here but me, and I do not know who Paul is.”
Caller: “Why not, you work for the city don’t you?”
Me: “Yes Ma’ma I do, and so do about 200 other people in the 14 different departments of this building alone. I’m going to need you to be a little bit more specific than his name is Paul”
Caller: “I want to speak to your manager!”
Me: “Ok Ma’ma if you hold on a minute I can get you his number”
Caller: “Just transfer me over to him! I’m Busy!”
(Well so am I and you know what? You need a special number to make transfers so you can be monitored and not waste resources, and I don’t have that number because I am not supposed to take calls at all so they never bothered to issue me one, doing that would require me climb up 6 floors to bug my manager, so he can either give me the number to transfer or both of us come back downstairs to tell her she has the wrong number, and that wasn’t about to happen)
Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am but I am not allowed to transfer calls to…” *Click*
(she hangs up the phone, and I stand up to go back to work, about 30 seconds later she calls back)
Me: “Um Hello”
Caller: “Hello, is this Paul?”
Me: “Ma’am I just spoke with you, I told you this was the wrong…”
Caller: “This is the number on your stupid website! You’re telling me it’s wrong?”
(I have no idea what website she is talking about, Jacksonville.com I guess?)
Me: “I am trying to tell you that no one but me uses this phone, and no one but my manager should even have this number” (Why did I bring him up?)
Caller: “Put him on the phone!”
Me: “Ma’am I just told you that no one is down here but me, I can’t just put him on the phone, would you like his number?”
Caller: “I don’t see why you can’t just transfer me over!”
Me: “I’m not allowed to do that, and I have never been shown how to do that”
Caller: “Our tax payer’s money at work!” *Click*
(She hangs up again and I go to talk to my manager, he doesn’t know who Paul is either so he talks to someone else and about a week later I find out yes a Paul did work for us, but he transferred over to another department, About a month earlier, either way she should not have had my number and I was advised to check the caller I.D. and never take calls from outside the office again.)