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I work in a shop that amongst other things we remove links from watch bracelets. We normally do this right away as it doesn’t take long but if we’re busy we ask the customer to leave it with us a while. Today is extremely busy and I’m working on my own.

Me: I’m very busy at the moment, could you leave it with me an hour and it’ll be done when you get back.
Customer: Na it’s done in like 2 minutes.
Me: normally yes I do it right away but at the moment I’m too busy to do it.
Customer: just do it now.
I proceed to show him all the work I need to do within the next hour and explain why I can’t do it right now. He begrudgingly agrees to leave it with me.
Me: I’ll give you a ticket, it’ll be £6.95 and you can pay once you return.
Customer: Na it’s £5.
Me: No the price is fixed at £6.95.
Customer: I come here all the time it’s £5.
Me: look it’s a fixed price of £6.95 it’s what we charge everyone.
Customer: I always come here the guy does it in 2 minutes and charges £5. I want to see your manager
Me: I’ve been the manager here for 2 years now, the price has always been £6.95. Normally I would do it right away but right now I’m busy.
Customer: I’m only paying £5.
If he’d not been a d*** the whole time I probably would have done it for £5 but because of how he’s acted I’m not budging on the price.
Me: well if you’re unhappy with the price you can see if somewhere else will do it cheaper.
I give him his watch back.
Customer: f***ing t***er.
At this point I’ve had enough as I’m already stressed out with the busy day.
Me: f*** off you little m****t (the guy was about 5’2 and I’m 6’1)
Customer: wait Bruv, see what I do to you on the street, wait.
Me: well you’d better bring a step ladder little man
Customer: wait you’ll see, I’ll do you.
As I said I’m working on my own so if he were going to do anything there’s no one else here to stop him.
Me: do what? You’re tiny. get the f*** out.
He left still saying “watch”, “wait” and “bruv”. I haven’t seen him since, God I love customer service.