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(I work as a volunteer for a comic book convention , helping people with issues they have with their badges. One lady comes up to replace her lost badge.)
Me: “How can I help you today?”
Lady: I lost my badge and need it replaced
Me: “okay I can do that, but there is a $15 replacement fee”
Lady: “What? That’s crazy I was just waiting in line and I don’t have time for this. I’m not going to pay that”
Me: ” I’m so sorry ma’am but I can’t replace your badge without charging you for it. It’s our policy to protect us from people who are selling their badges on the street.”
Lady: ” I want to talk to your superviser”
(I then call my mother, who happened to be superviser at the time)
Mom: “What’s up?”
Lady: ” I need a new badge but having to pay for it is completely ludicrous.”
Mom: “I’m sorry ma’am but in order for you to get your badge replaced we have to charge you a fee. You are welcome to leave the convention if you do not wish to pay the fee but we can not let you back on the floor without a badge. It’s your choice”
Lady: “But it’s not my fault I lost it!! Is there someone else I can talk to?”
(The whole time her tone was extremely rude and accusing, but when my boss walked up to speak with her she went sugar sweet)
Boss: “How can I help you ma’am”
Lady: “I’ve been waiting in line all day and happened to misplace my badge, I think it’s just so unfair that I have to pay when it was an accident. I’m not trying to sell my badge I promise.”
Boss: “ma’am we really do have to charge you because if I didn’t charge you then the guy behind you isn’t going to want to pay then the guy behind him and that’s just not ok.”
Lady: “please I’m begging you sir.”
(They go back and forth with her begging and him saying no for a few minutes before he finally gives in and makes me give it to her for free. He did follow her to make sure she wasn’t selling it but the whole situation made me so ma

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