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(I am a teenage girl going out with a friend of mine on Valentines Day for breakfast. I have recently visited a mental hospital, and needed someone to talk to, and while were ordering a employee, who obviously is new, make a few mistakes when putting our food in, but is overall sweet and friendly. When we sit down I finally just start crying and my friend comforts me. Due to it being valentines day many people probably assume it was heartbreak that made me cry, including our cashier)

Cashier: *running out to my car when we are about to leave and knocks on my car window* I saw that you were crying and I came to give you his cookie and tell you it gets better.
Me: *promptly bursts out in more tears as soon as he leaves*

If you are out there reading this, I just want you to know that even though you may not have known it, you made my day!

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