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After dropping my fiance off at wok, I decided to get a coffee and snack from a fast food place. I put in my order ad sit down to wait for my drink when this guy comes up to the counter. He doesn’t order, he just stares over the counter for a moment before storming off and yelling for the whole restaurant to hear.

Customer: “F***ing stupid!!”

The cashier who had helped me called to him: “Sir, you can’t use that kind of language in here.”

I get my food and sit down and the guy starts wandering around the restaurant, carrying a dead phone and charging cable. I figure he’s looking for a place to charge his phone. At this point, the shift manager has come out and is watching him. When I finally left, the customer was approaching other people to ask if there were plugs by their table. As I drove, I saw the manager walk up to the guy and presumably to tell him to stop or kick him out.