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Coworker: Hello, you’re speaking to **** IT-Help
Customer: Hey, I was on the phone with your colleague and he’s broken my whole d*** Internet! No LEDs on my router are on!
Coworker: Okay, no lights at all?
Customer: Absolutely none!
Coworker: Did you try another power outlet?
Customer: *tries* It doesn’t work. And not only this, I have no light and my refrigerator isn’t working! You idiots, you broke down everything! My food is going to spoil now because of you people!
(coworker already has an idea that there’s no power at the guy’s house but isn’t really amused by his blaming it on the company)
Coworker: OK, please go and find your primary power switch. Got it? Now flip it over and try the light again.
Customer: Still doesn’t work! I don’t understand why I pay you guys so much money every month!
Coworker (already very nervous): Ok, listen now, I know what this is about. Your microwave is downloading an update. Wait for half an hour, flip the switch again and if it’s still dead, call your electricity network.