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Salem NH USA | Unfiltered | May 10, 2016

My boss owned multiple stores when I was working for him, and generally would have enture shipments sent to one location and either he or his father would personally bring what my store needed. His father is a large, intimidating man, but actually very funny and sweet. We’ve just gotten our first shipment of various candy bars for a new display, and after placing a few boxes on the shelves I begin rummaging through the rest of the shipment.

Father: “Eh, [my name], what are you looking for?”

Me: “[Brand]? They were my favorite when I was a kid. I guess we didn’t get any, though.”

Father: “Okay. Next time, I bring for you, one box.”

Me: *looking at the shelves* “Are we gonna have room for it?”

Father: “No, no! I bring, FOR YOU, one box!”

Sure enough, the next time he delivered a shipment, he brought me an entire box of candy bars to take home for myself!

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