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Unfiltered | May 9, 2016

(I, as a student with student loans, usually follow the principle: As long as I don’t make my own money, I don’t donate it. On a Friday evening, however, I was a bit drunk, so not too strict with my principles. As I was waiting for my train, I saw a guy searching deposit bottles in a bin. I told my self ‘well, just this time’ and gathered a bit change. The guy was already going so I had to catch up with him.)

Me: Hey there!

(the guy turns around and I offer him the spare change)

Me: I think you need it more than I do.

Guy: You wait. You wait.

(he starts fumbling in his jacket and then gives me a bonbon)

Guy: Caramell.

(He waited until I took the bonbon before accepting my money. Needles to say, this little gesture really touched my heart)