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The Netherlands | Unfiltered | May 3, 2016

(I was a bit broke during this time, and saw a guy offered a package of food for free on Facebook. I made an appointment with him to pick it up at his place. I went there after class, having eaten nothing for half the day, I was starving.)

The guy: ‘Hey! Give me two minutes, I’ll pick up the food upstairs.’
Me: ‘Okay.’
The guy: ‘Here you go. By the way, my housemates ordered too much takeaway, so they have a lot of leftover now. They were asking if you want it.’

(Note: This was the first time I met this guy and I had no idea whom his housemates were.)

Me: ‘What? …Sure, why not?’

(He then went back upstairs and brought a bag full of food that looked barely untouched.)

The guy: ‘Here, take care of yourself, yeah?’

(I biked home happily and the food was really good! Thanks, guy and housemates!)

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