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Unfiltered | May 4, 2016

(A couple years ago, I came down with a cold while nursing a broken ankle, and so late at night I had to make a last-minute trip out to the pharmacy for some pain medication so I could hopefully get to sleep that night. I took the bus down, but it was late, so the buses only ran every hour or so, and between walking slow because of my ankle and a slow pharmacist, I missed the next bus. I was sitting on the curb by the bus stop, when suddenly a van pulls over, and the driver rolls down the passenger window to talk to me.)

Driver: Hey, do you want a ride?

Me: Uhm… ok.

(I’m pretty socially awkward, so I was a little uncofortable getting in, but he just chatted with me, talking about the area and things he had seen since moving out there. Finally, we arrived at my apartment complex.)

Driver: Do you need any help getting inside?

Me: No, I’ll be fine.

(He stayed at the curb until I got inside, then drove off and made a u-turn to head down the street the other way. I think he went out of his way to help me, because the college is in the other direction from where we were.)

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