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I like to look around at thrift stores for random items, although I’m far more likely to buy things for a particular friend of mine than myself, as he has more collections than I do. One of his collections is mushroom themed kitchen ware, which he largely gets for his camper. As I’m shopping, I see a pair of mushroom shaped bird houses and think of him, but I’m unsure if he’ll like them so I take a picture and send it to him.

Random lady: *seeing me examine the bird houses* Oh, those are fun, aren’t they?

Me: Yeah. I have a friend who has mushroom stuff at his camper, but I don’t know if he’d want to put these up. *I set them down and walk away*

(About 10 minutes later, I get a message back from my friend saying that he would, in fact, really like them. I head back to the section they were in, only to see them gone. I’m a little disappointed, but shrug it off and carry on. Half way across the store, I run into the lady from before, who I notice has the bird houses in her cart.)

Random lady: Oh, you’re still here! Did your friend tell you if they liked those bird houses?

Me: Oh um, yeah. But that’s ok, you grabbed them first.

Random lady: Oh but I just thought they were kind of cute, if your friend likes them and collects mushrooms, you should get them!

Me: Are you sure?

Random lady: Totally! *she takes the houses from her cart and hands them to me*

Me: Wow, thanks!

Random lady: Enjoy them! *walks off*

(It seems like such a simple gesture but I was really excited to get them for my friend, and so many people can get so competitive with shopping at thrift stores that it really warmed my heart)

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