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Kansas | Unfiltered | April 28, 2016

(When I was about 4 years old, my parents took my brother and me a to an unfamiliar park that was an hour or so away from where we lived. We wanted to do something special and affordable because it a weekday holiday and my dad didn’t have to work. We had packed a picnic and spent the day playing and spending time together.)

Me: I want to go play on that slide. It’s Mother Goose’s shoe.

Mom: No, there are some older kids over there that have been mean to the little ones.

(I managed to sneak off as kids often do while my mom was preoccupied with my brother. I was grabbed by a man who tried to leave with me. An unknown woman who was present with group of school children walked up to the man and me.)

Woman: (grabs my hand) Excuse me, but I will take her back to her parents. (The man ran off.)

(I fully believe this woman saved my life. She didn’t have to confront him but she did. She took me back to my parents and left before we could properly thank her. I don’t know who she is. I wish I could thank her in person.)

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