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Unfiltered | April 26, 2016

My stepmother bought me a $100 gift card for a clothing store I like. It’s sort of expensive but I know how to shop the sales. I use about $40 on my first trip. On my second trip I buy what I think is about $60, but to make sure I ask them to total up my purchases and check my card balance.

Cashier: Your total is $58.76 and your card balance is $142.36.

Me: What? No, I think there must be a mistake. The card balance was originally $100 and I already used $40.

Cashier: Huh. Weird. [pokes around on computer] Oh, I see. When you spent that $42.36, they accidentally added it to the balance instead of subtracting it.

Me: Oh, that makes sense. Well, just take it off twice and we’ll be ready to check out my current purchases.

Cashier: I have to find out from my manager how to do that. Just hold on. [Goes in the back… for a while. Eventually comes out.] I’m sorry, none of us know how to do that. We called head office and they laughed and said to just enjoy it.

Me: Really??? In that case I’m doing more shopping!

I went back to the floor and bought a bunch of stuff for my stepmother. She was really surprised!

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