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Surprise, AZ, USA | Unfiltered | April 16, 2016

( I am a sixteen year old girl who, unlike others, I love to ride my scooter around to clear my head. I decide to buy some ice cream for myself because it’s burning hot outside. I then see a middle-aged man right behind me. Note: I love making small talk when I’m not doing anything.)

Me: Man, it sure is hot out.

Man: Sure is, are you okay?

Me: Yeah, fine, just rode my scooter from [My town] to here.

Man: Oh, why would you do that?

Me: Because it’s fun, and I like to exercise when I’m bored.

(The man chuckles, and thinking that’s the end of the conversation, I turn forward. When it’s my turn to pay, I reach into my wallet. But the man speaks up.)

Man: No, no, I’ll pay.

Me: What? Really?

Man: Of course, it’s great seeing young people care about their body, good luck exercising.

( The man then paid and left before I can say thank you. So if you’re reading this, thank you so much. And yes, the ice cream was delicious!)

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