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(I work at a Financial Intitution. We have machines that dispense the cash for us, but one of them errors a lot. At the request of the company that services these machines, we keep an error log. One day it had errored while I was working on it so I proceed to log it. There’s about 4 members in line, and 2 other tellers working. The member at the front of the line begins to get irate.)

Member: “There is a line! Are you going to help us or just take your sweet time?”

Me: “Sir, I see that there is a small line, O just need to take care of this really quick.”

Member: “No, you don’t! We are waiting!”

(At this point, the other members are getting upset about his behavior.)

Other member: “Um, the line isn’t that long. You need to calm down.”

Me: (After finished the log.) “I can help you now.”

Member: (angrily) “Are you sure?! No, I’ll wait! Just take your time.”

Me: “Well, if you’re going to speak to me like that, I won’t. Do you want me to help you?”

(The member walks over and continutes to grumble and says he’s having a bad day and he’s grumpy doesn’t feel well. I mentioned that he doesn’t have to take it out on me and finish his transaction. He starts to leave and I call the next member.)

Next Member: (loudly) “I’m sorry about that, I’m sorry that some people have a F***ing attitude! (Normal voice now) I hope your day gets better.”

(Those two members that were kind and stood up for me made my day. He countinued to apologize for the previous member despite me telling him that it was okay and that I appriciated his kindness.)