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(It’s amazing how often some people forget when they order extras it will increase their final bill.)

Sheriff: “I’ll have the special, I’ll also have the soup, add a gravy as well, and a drink.”

 (This adds approximately seven extra dollars added to the bill.)

Sheriff: *pays* “Why does it cost so much more than the price of the special on the board?”

Two local teachers. One who is a regular and one who rarely comes.

Rare customer Teacher: I want an order of chicken wings to start. I’ll have the Chicken Burger, add bacon to it, can you make the fries a poutine? I also want a drink.

Regular Customer Teacher: I’ll have the exact same thing, but I don’t want chicken wings.

Each burger orders price is now increased by approx 7 dollars from the add ons, not including the drinks.

Rare customer to regular: I’ll pay today, go ahead and I’ll see you later! *hears total* It costs how much?!

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