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Utah | Unfiltered | April 4, 2016

(It is the day that my debut novel is released and I’ve been very public about my enthusiasm about it, but also my anxiety. Throughout the day, I’ve gotten texts and calls about it. Around 9, my friend texts me.)

Friend: How late are you going to be up?

Me: 10 or 11.

Friend: Great, I wanted to bring you a surprise for your book release. I’ll be over in 10.

Me: Thanks!

(Ten minutes later, I open the door and it’s her son.).

Friend: We all wanted to come.

Me: Of course! Come in.

(I give the son a high five and hug my friend, her husband, her daughter and exchange student.)

Extra voice: Well, hi.

(Across the doorstep steps their cousin, who is one of my best friends, but who I haven’t seen in 2 years because she’s in Michigan. Once I stopped screaming for joy and hyperventilating, they explained that she’d flown out for my first signing and was staying for a week. It was my best surprise ever.)

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