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(This happened at a second-hand shop that I used to visit often. I found a cute yellow top with purple flowers and, liking the look of it, decided to try it on. While I was in the changing room, this happened.)

Voice outside the changing room: Where’s that top?
Employee: What top, ma’am?
Customer: That yellow top with purple flowers. I was going to buy it, but I didn’t have any money, so I put it down and went to the ATM. Now it’s gone!
Employee: Did you ask an employee to hold on to it for you, ma’am?
Customer: No, but I shouldn’t have to! I was going to buy it!
Employee: I’m sorry, ma’am. If you put it back on the rack, there’s no way another customer would know that you intended to buy it.
Customer: Oh, man. I really liked it, too. I don’t suppose you have another one like it?
Employee: I’m afraid not.
Customer: This sucks! *goes away*

(I’m embarrassed to admit that I hid in the changing room until she left.)