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(I was working in a department stores Children’s Department which is also where the stores restrooms are located. The area is set up like a square there are three sections. Boys on the left, girls on the front and right, and babies in the back. The restrooms are on the left wall as you come in basically behind the boys section. The boys section is split into two parts, one holding the boys register, one right in front of the rest room. There is also a girls register and a babies register. There are 3 people working the 3 registers though at the time most of us were roaming around making sure the store was neat and clean. there are three other people in the area, some friends of mine who came to say hi since they were in the mall.)

A woman pushing a baby carriage walks into the section and asks no one in particular: I was told the bathrooms are up here is that correct?

Coworker: Yes they are over there.
(pointing vaguely in the direction of the rest rooms)

Woman (pushing the stroller further into the room and stopping at the corner of the two boys sections and one of the girls sections, so basically in the middle of the room, looks down at the floor like the restroom will rise up out of the center of the room and) says: I don’t see it!

Everyone in the kids section me, my friends, and my coworkers: It’s on the wall.

(All of us pointing towards the wall where the door to the restrooms was set. With a huge sign above the door saying “RESTROOMS”)

Woman looking up: OH!

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