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(I’m a cashier and at the time I’m also putting stock away from a truck we got a few days ago. As such I have a bell out that customers ring to let me know they are up there and I need to cash them out. It doesn’t ring very loud though, most of the time I have to go up there and see that someone is there.)

Customer: Your bell isn’t working.

Me: I guess not. I’ll have to test it later and see if I can fix it.

(A few customers go through the line and helpfully someone rings it just for fun. Loud and clear. It’s a typical hotel bell, you push the top and it rings the bell.)

Me: Oh, thank you. I won’t have to test it after all. *Laughs a bit and gets him through the line*

(A while later I hear the bell ringing, faintly, quite a bit. I’m a few aisles down so it takes me a moment to get up there and see what’s going on.)

Older Customer: *Shaking the bell near her ear, then she spies me* Your bell doesn’t work very well. *Puts it down on the counter again*

Me: *Really surprised and overall confused* I’ve been hearing that a lot. We’ll have to get it fixed…

(I’m not sure if all these customers just didn’t want it to make a loud noise or genuinely weren’t sure how to ring the bell loud and clear. Either way I’m still shocked a customer resorted to doing that when it’s not a bell you shake, which is very obvious. Or so I thought.)