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I hostessed for two years at a very busy, very popular, casual fine dining restaurant in Midtown Manhattan with three floors: the balcony, ground floor, and basement dining room. Many great stories have come out of that place, but this one is my most favorite. It was midway into the dinner rush, and I was stationed at the ground floor entrance when I looked up and saw a rush of people running out of the balcony and to the host stand.

Panicked diners: Can you please give us a new table!?

(As we were scrambling to find new seats for 50+ guests in an already busy time, a server stationed in that area came up to me, dropped a stack of menus, threatened to quit, and relayed me the events: I had seated an older, mid-forties, wealthy man with a young, twenty-something model)

Young model to older man: Old men like you don’t have a big penis.

Older man: Oh really??

(He then stood up, pulled down his pants, and exposed himself to the entire balcony. She reacted by throwing up all over herself. We had to restrain the man, call the cops, and I had to console a crying girl on her worst date night ever.)