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, | Unfiltered | January 26, 2020

The theatre I work at has a level that has a bar that you need to be 21+ to be able to go up to to see a movie. I’ve had a lot of jerky people come up but this girl takes the cake.

So I was downstairs ripping tickets and checking id’s when this girl walks up to me with her parents so I asked her for her id and saw she just turned 21.

Me: “ma”am what’s your birthday ?”

Girl: *rudely* ” January ** 1995″

Me: *forced smile* “thank you” *goes to hand her id back*

Girl: *snatches id and storm up the stairs*

Me: *thinking to myself* ‘I really wish I could refuse people. That girl was way out of line she just turned 21 and already has issues with being carded