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Guest: My keys aren’t working. Again.
Me: Oh. Well, lemme get those renewed for you. What was the room number?
Guest: 415
(looks up guest reservation)
Me: Oh I see what happened. It says here that you had back to back reservations and you were checked out and in, and that’s why —
Guest: No I wasn’t.
Me: Well maam, what I mean is that even though you’re in the same room, we had to check the reservation in and out and that deactivated your–
Guest: No it wasn’t. I had ANOTHER room that was checked in and out today, and MINE was already checked in and out on Friday. I can show you the records to prove it.

(Note that on MY system, it CLEARLY states that WE AT THE FRONT DESK CHECKED HER OUT AND IN THIS VERY DAY. We did not even check her out of her reservation on Friday, it was on Wednesday. I decide not to argue with her, as she clearly has no idea what she is talking about. She continues to smugly tell me that her reservation was in fact not checked out and that her keys just magically deactivated as though this was somehow our fault even though I tried to explain to her that we in fact checked her out and back in again THAT DAY).