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My restaurant always has fish dinners, but on Friday evenings, we also have an all-you-can-eat fish fry for the same price as the three-piece dinner. While I normally ask customers if an order is dine-in or to go, the fish fry is only available for dine-in, so I don’t ask.

Customer: “My husband would like the senior fish fry.”
Me: “That’s [price], please.” We finish the transaction.
Customer: “How many pieces does the fish fry come with?”
Me: “You start with two and then you get refills.”
Customer: “But I’m taking it home.”
Me: “I’m sorry, I thought you were ordering the all-you-can-eat. The dinner comes with three pieces. I’ll just let the kitchen know it’s to go.” I turn to the kitchen window. “[Cook], it’s a three-piece to go, not the all-you-can-eat.”
Customer: “But my husband will want refills. Make it for here and I’ll go get him.”
Me, to kitchen: “Never mind, it’s for here.”
Customer: “Actually, cancel that.”
Me: “You want it to go after all?”
Customer: “No, cancel the order. I have to drive home and get my husband so we can eat here.”
I get my supervisor so she can refund the order, and I tell the kitchen to stop making the dinner. I turn back to the register just in time to hear the customer change her mind again.
Customer: “You know, that’s too much trouble to go to. I’ll just take it to go.”
My supervisor assures her that it’s no trouble, but it seems the customer has made her decision, so I tell the kitchen that she decided to get it to go and they fish her ticket out of the trash. The order was quickly finished and the lady left with her food.