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(I am in high school working at a Wendy’s. One customer comes inside post-rush.)
Me: Hi there!
Customer (screaming): GET ME A BIG MAC!
Me: I’m sorry, sir, we don’t have big macs. Our largest cheeseburger is…
Customer (cutting me off): Ridiculous! McDonald’s is famous for their big macs! You cannot not serve them.
Me: Sir, we do not serve big macs here because…
Customer (cutting me off again): Get me your manager! I’m going to get you fired. Good luck finding a job now, girlie. If you can’t work at McDonald’s, you cannot work anywhere!
(By this point, I’m getting annoyed by this customer, but still find it funny that he thinks he’s at McDonald’s when there are Wendy’s logos all over the store, and my visor says “Wendy’s” on it. I still manage to say this with a straight face):
Me: With all due respect, sir, you are at Wendy’s.
Customer: How stupid are you? Do you think I’d fall for that?
(The customer looks around for a second, notices he is at Wendy’s, and turns bright red. By now, a line is starting to build up, so my manager comes to see what the hold up is.)
Customer (to the manager): This girl will not serve me a big mac! She can’t even work at McDonald’s!
Manager: Why should she? I’m the manager here, and even I cannot serve a big mac.
Customer: Why?
Manager: Because this is Wendy’s; not McDonald’s.
(Customer nods at the manager and turns to me)
Customer: Well, why didn’t you say so? (Storms off)
*Face palm*