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Me: “(Company) Accounting, this is (My Name), how can I help you?”
Caller: “My mother, (Name), has been a resident with you for several years, and I just got an unusual bill for her. Can you explain it to me?”
Me: “Sure, I’ll pull it up.”
(I bring up a digital copy of all billing for the resident. Her bill has been the same every month since she moved in, and the current bill is no different.)
Me: “I don’t see anything unusual on her current statement. What in particular were you concerned about?”
Caller: “Well, it’s not on your bill, it’s from something called (Definitely Not My Company).”
Me: “Does it say it’s for services provided at (My Company)?”
Caller: “No, it’s for…outpatient consultation.”
Me: “Since it’s not billed through my office, and since it’s not for services provided by us or even in our building, I’m afraid I don’t have any information about it. Have you tried calling the vendor who sent the bill?”
Caller: “No, do you think that would help?”
Me: (Facepalming) “It’s your best bet, sir.”

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