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This story isn’t so much about an outrageous customer as it is about a shockingly amazing employee. I walk into the (crowded) store with my friend, and we order two grande frappuccinos. As always, we pay together. We walk over to the “pick up” station of the store. One particular employee is working very hard, and she makes our drinks.

Hard Working Employee: *Finishes drinks and pours into two grande size cups. She is about to give them to us when she realizes that there is some left over.* “Do you girls want me to put these in venti cups and give you the extra?

My Friend (to her): Sure!

My Friend (to me): I have no idea what she just said.

Me: Me either, that’s why I let you reply.

Employee: *Comes back over, with two full venti cups. She puts extra whipped cream on both of them.* Here you go!

I realize that, even though it is rush hour and we did not pay for bigger drinks, this employee thought of us and provided the extra. It absolutely made my day!