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(I work at a fast food restaurant that has a rather difficult drive through to navigate, due to the sharp turn around the corner of the store just before the drive thru window. On this particular day, the phone rings and I answer it)
Me: “Thank you for calling [restaurant name] of [town location], this is [my name]. How can I help you?”
(It should be noted that the caller has a thick southern accent, almost to the point where he is difficult to understand)
Caller: “Yeah, this [Name] and I was just callin’ to tell you that your drive thru is retarded”
Me: “I’m sorry?”
Caller: “Your drive thru is RETARDED”
Me: “Oh, uhhhh . . . well since the owner didn’t build this particular building, we didn’t have much of a choice of where we could put the drive thru. I’m sorry about that though”
Caller: “Okay. Good night,”
(To this day I have no idea what he thought that he would accomplish by calling and complaining about the set up the drive thru. He didn’t ask for any free food and it’s not as if we can easily rebuild the store or the drive thru!)