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(On our web site someone left a review saying “The staff are so nice here, its like they’ll bow down to you every will!” but just one week later this happened!)

*A woman in her mid thirties, blond hair and a bit chubby. came up to the counter, grabbed a imported chocolate bar and scoffed on her gob!*

Woman: *Spitting chocolate in my face* You will give me all of your chocolate and you will scrub my feet!!

* She then rips her sock of and puts it on the counter, let me just say it could be called Wartvile!*

Me: Okay I’m calling the police!

*I take my phone out and begin to dial 999*

Woman: You will not dial the police, I will use my nywalker powers to get the phone out of your hands!

*And yes she did say nywalker, so 5 minutes later the police come and arrest here! Before she was put in the police car!*

Woman: I thought you’d bow down to my every will!

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