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(We have a combination Cash Checkout and Copy Centre, so we can’t promise copy orders get done immediately since we take care of people at the check out as well. This particular day is incredibly busy and we have had non stop line ups. All available cashiers are up at the cash)

Customer: Yeah, I need these copied

Me: Ok, would you like to do it in self serve, or do you want to leave them with me?

Customer: I don’t know how to do self serve, last time it was so confusing!

Me: Ok, then you can leave them with me

Customer: Whatever you gotta do.

Me: Ok do you want them express?

Customer: Yes, I need them right now!

Me: Ok, I can’t do them right now, I have to take care of the line up first. If you–

(The customer throws his hands in the air and leaves before I can get another word out. But then I see that he just makes his way to back of the line again. Of course when he comes back to me again, there are more people behind him in line)

Customer: Yeah, I want these copied

Me: Like I said, I can’t do them right away while there’s a line up

Customer: I just waited in line twice!

Me: I didn’t mean for you to go in line again. I just meant I couldn’t start on your copies until the line up was gone. Let’s go to the copy counter and fill out and order form.

Customer: This is ridiculous! (he follows me anyway, and I start filling out an order form)

Me: Ok, so we guarantee 1 hour, but since this is only a few copies, I could probably get it done in 15 minutes?

Customer: WHAT!? You want me to wait an hour!?

Me: No, I said 15 minutes. I just have to take care of the line up, but I might be able to do it in between customers.

Customer: I’m paying for this!

Me: yes I know you are

Customer: So you should do my copies!

Me: I’m going to. But I can’t do your copies while there are people waiting in line. I can *book in* your copies and then do them when I have time.

Customer: I can’t believe you made me wait in line twice and now you’re telling me it’s going to take an hour!

Me: I said 15 minutes. And I didn’t make you wait in line twice. But like I said, I can’t stand there at the photocopier doing your order while there are people in line waiting to be served

Customer: There isn’t even a line up!

Me: (looking at the 6 people waiting to pay) Um… yes there is

Customer: FINE! Do whatever you have to do! (he starts to walk away with his papers)

Me: Ok, sir, I can’t do your copies if you don’t give me your papers.


Me: um…. kay…. (I start to go back to the cash to help with the line ups)

Customer: I can’t believe you’re not doing my copies! I’m paying for them!

(I ignore him and continue checking out customers until it dies down about five minutes later)

Me: The line up is gone so I can start on your copies.

Customer: It’s about time!