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(I’m ringing through a guy and his wife who are buying a birthday gift for their daughter. The wife has been checking out the knick knacks near the cash and not really involved in the transaction, and the husband has been gruff but not unfriendly)
Husband: “Do you do gift wrapping here?”
Me: “No, we don’t. Sorry.”
Husband: “Well, why not?”
Me: *honestly unsure how to answer that* “Because… we don’t?”
(For a second he just stares at me and I’m worried he’s going to flip out that I gave him attitude or something, then the wife just starts laughing)
Wife: “Oh my god, I swear you sounded JUST like our daughter when you said that!” *imitates the way I said it* “Because… we don’t?” *more laughter*
Husband: *pretty much ignoring his wife* “So… we can return this if she already has it, right?”
Me: “Of course, just hang on to the receipt.”
Husband: “Thanks!”
(I’m so glad that I apparently made the wife’s day! Wonder if she’ll tell her daughter how much the cashier sounded like her?)

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