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(Two young men come into the bookstore and immediately head to the science books. There is a girl there. The men start yelling.)

Rude Customer #1: “Do you really think you’re smart enough to handle those books?”
Rude Customer #2: “Yeah, you should stick to the GIRLY section.”

(I am speechless at their behavior and try to intervene.)

Me: “You have no idea if she is sma–”
Rude Customer #2: “Stop talking to me like that, you’re just a GIRL.”
(To make a point, he snatches a book from the girl’s hand)
Girl: “Watch it–”
Rude Customer #1: “You had no right to have that book. We’re much smarter than anyone here, especially you.”
Rude Customer #2: “We even made a program that shows the scale of the universe!”
Girl: “Okay, I’m pretty sure who you are now.”
(She unzips her jacket to reveal a shirt with the logo of an internet show that the two made.)
Rude Customer #1: “You don’t even deserve to watch it! Stop polluting it with how unintelligent you are.”
(All of a sudden, the girl picks up two books, throws them in the faces of the men, and runs away.)
Girl: “I think you’re the one who isn’t well-read! And I’ll never watch it again if YOU two made it.”
(Rude Customer #2 drops the book and they both leave the store. The girl got a discount on the book!)