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The Life of a Pharmacy Tech.
(Customer 1)”Hello, how can I help you? Are you going to wait or come back? Great we’ll see you tomorrow.”
*phone rings*
“the price of #120 Endocet? $89…Yes, we have the yellow ones”
*Hangs up*
(Customer 2) “Are you going to wait or come back? Ok it’ll be 5-10 minutes”
*starts filling customer 2’s script*
*phone rings* (once…twice…three times.. Damn.)
*cancels out of script*
*answers phone*
“Yes, we have #90 Morphine ER 15… how much are they? let me go check… $150.. no I’m sorry we don’t fill for that doctor.I’m not sure who will fill for that doctor, sorry. I know. I know. . I know. . I’m sorry. Yes sir. .(5 minutes later) Uhhhuhh. Uhuh. Have a good day”
*hangs up*
*starts customer #2’s script again*
“I have a waiter! “[Where are my counters!?]
*counter counts & pharmacist checks*
(Customer 3)”are you going to wait or come back? Ok it’ll be 10-15 Minutes.”
*phone rings*
“Yes can you hold on just a second? ”
*puts line 4 on hold*
“Customer 3? It’s too soon to fill your Xanax. Oh You’re going out of town?[yeah right] can I call your doctor to fill it earlier? Yeah hold on just a sec”
*calls dr. Has to leave message*
“I’m sorry customer 3 I had to leave a message, I’m not sure how much longer it’ll be”
*phone rings* [crap I forgot line 4]
“Heyyyyyyy line 4! What can I do for you? Fill all 15 scripts for you? You’ll be here in 20 minutes? We’ll see you then” [double crap!]
*customer 1 comes back*
“Hey customer 1 I thought you were coming back tomorrow? Ok you decided to get it today? Ok I’m doing it right now! ”
[Why is customer 2 is still here?]
“Why is customer 2 still here! ?”
[Where are my cashiers!?]
*grabs customer 2’s script and rings him up, along with the 2 people inline behind him*
[Customer 1 is still waiting. Damn]
*starts to runs customer 1’s script*
*phone rings. ..once twice three times*
*answers caller 3*
“You have a new insurance card? Ok does it have a BIN #? A GRP #? A PCN #? ID #? It doesn’t have a ID number? Are you sure? It could say ‘subscriber ID’.. no? Ok I’ll need you to bring in the card”
I have a call on like 2?
“Hello? Hi! Yes! It’s not ok to fill customer 3’s Xanax early? Ok I’ll let him know”
“CUSTOMER 3? yes I just spoke to the nurse and she said we couldn’t fill your Xanax early. I’m sorry! I know. I know. That’s what she said. Yes, you can have your script back. [Let me dig through this giant stack right quick]
*writes on back that it was filled 01/01/2016* [good luck getting that filled somewhere else buddy]
(15 script customer) hi, are my meds ready? [You called it in 5 minutes ago! ] “we’re working on them right now for you! ”
(Cashier 1) this customer doesn’t want these 3 can you return them?
*returns 3 scripts *
(Customer 5) never mind I’ll go ahead and take those 3!
*rebills the 3 again*
(Cashier 2) I can’t find the medication for customer 6
“Have you checked the computer? Computer says it’s scanned into bin GH”
(Whole pharmacy stops to look for customer 6’s medication) [where does it go! ?!]
“Found it in the “Z” bin! !!”
(Customer 7)” you just called and someone quoted you $150 for #90 Morphine ER 15? Yes that was me.we can’t fill for this doctor. You want to speak to the pharmacist? Ok.” [Let me stop them from checking my waiter just to tell you no…]
(Pharmacist) I’m sorry we cannot fill foot this dr.
(Caller 3 walks in) “You bought in your insurance card? Let me take a look. .. ma’am this is an Aflac business card for their business”
*knock knock knock *
(Delivery man) The medication order is here & someone needs to go sign the delivery forms
*knock knock knock*
*heads for the deliver*
*phone rings*
*smashes head on keyboard*