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(I work in a VERY high end children’s clothing store. When we do mark downs, we are supposed to place the sticker on the bottom left, as to not cover the original price. One day a woman comes up to me with a sticker that was misplaced, covering the dollar sign and first number of the price.)
Condescending Woman:Is this $6.00?
Me: No, ma’am, it’s $27.99. The white sticker is the markdown price.
CW: *smugly* well, what’s this for then? (Pointing to the 6.00 with no dollar sign next to it)
Me: that’s part of the original price. The sticker is covering up an 8. It was originally $86.00
CW: *rolls her eyes, gives me the dirtiest look, and walks out. *
(Not sure why she thought in a store like ours that something would be $6.00 or why we’d try to trick have with a highe price sticker. Most of our customers are great, though some have holier Than thou attitudes or try to get things cheaper)

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