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, | Unfiltered | January 22, 2020

(At the time this story takes place, our store has been incredibly busy for about a week for no real reason. We’re stocking the shelves as quickly as we can, but they still look so bare that people are asking us if we’re going out of business.)

Lady: I need trash bags, and I don’t see any. Can you check in the back for me?

Me: Sure, we’ve got a lot of stuff waiting to come out. I know it’s pretty bare out here. What kind did you need?

Lady: (At this point she gives me a look of disdain and begins speaking to me in an extremely condescending tone.) I need TRASH bags.

Me: Okay, trash bags. Any particular kind, like kitchen bags, yard bags?

Lady: Just trash bags.

(I run into the back and go through the stack of disposable kitchen supplies. I very quickly find a case with boxes of white kitchen bags, cut open the top so she can see what’s inside, and bring it out.)

Me: Here you go!

Lady: (Looks at a box of trash bags, and then gives me her disdainful look again.) Don’t you have any BLACK ones?

Me: (Almost literally biting my tongue for a moment) …Let me go and check for you.

(It takes me a little longer, but I bring out her black trash bags. I open this case, too, and bring it out to her.)

Me: Here you go. Is this what you wanted?

(She takes a few boxes and leaves without thanking me. When I go to stock both of the open cases on the shelves, I see that the kind of trash bag I brought her first was the one kind of trash bag we already had out, though we did desperately need more.)