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A customer walks up to me at the customer service desk.
Customer: Can I give you my coat to hold onto while I shop?
Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t hold any personal belongings behind the desk.
Customer: But I cannot shop in this. It’s too distracting!
Me: I can offer you a shopping basket to put it in, but that’s the best I can do.
Customer: I would have to carry that around with me?
Me: Yes ma’am.
Customer: That defeats the purpose then!
(After another minute of conversation along the same lines she grabs a basket, puts her coat in it, and then leaves it on a window sill. She goes on shopping and my co-worker and I start talking about what products need to be moved where).
Customer: Excuse me! Do you two mind being quiet? For me, please. It’s very disconcerting and I cannot shop with all the noise.
(My co-worker and I nod, then look at each other like ‘what the h*ll)