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, | Unfiltered | January 21, 2020

(What started as a quick trip to the ER ends up being a week-long hospital stay. I called work early in the week to let them know. During my visit, I end up needing surgery. I’m frustrated from everything, on top of stressed, tired, and in pain. When I get back to my room, a HUGE vase of gorgeous flowers is sitting on my table.)

Nurse: “Oh, looks like someone’s got an admirer!”

(I open the card next to it. It was covered with messages from my coworkers, including my district manager! I call my store to thank them.)

Me: “Hey, I just got the card and flowers—”

Manager: “Oh, good! We’ve missed your smiling face here and wanted to give you something just as bright to help you there!”

(It definitely did help!)

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