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It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m driving home on a one-lane highway, and shortly before the traffic light where I’m going to turn, a second lane opens up to the right.

While it’s not strictly illegal to get into this lane and then continue straight, it’s considered common courtesy to stay in the left lane unless you’re making the right turn, because the traffic light is only there to allow people an opportunity to get onto the highway from the side street; making that right turn at a red light is nearly automatic.

I signal my intention to get into the right lane in advance of the lane split, only to discover that another car is trying to pass me on the right; already a warning sign as it means that they attempted to get into that lane before it existed, driving on the shoulder. The car nevertheless stops at the red light and stays there until it’s green, heading straight.

As I said before, this is perfectly legal, but passing on the right isn’t and going into the shoulder to get into the right lane when the car in front of you has signaled intent to turn right (which can be done at a red light) and you’re going straight is, quite frankly, a dick move. I flip the bird within the privacy of my own car (didn’t open the window to yell at them or flip it out there) and make my turn, thinking that that’s the end of it.

It isn’t. Apparently the driver saw in her rear-view mirror that I’d flipped her off, because wherever it was that she was going in such a hurry that she had to cut someone off to get to a red light in front of them, it was evidently less important than turning up a side street so that she could follow me home to start cursing me out. Highlights include “how could I have cut you off when you were in the fast lane”, “have an awful holiday”, and “I hope that [something-or-other] goes right up your ass”.

When I told her to get the hell off of my property, she said “I’m on the Board of [again, incoherent]! This isn’t your house, it’s my house!”

“Did you pay for it?”

“My taxes did!”

Now, this is a very small town, where everyone knows everyone. Trust me when I say she’s not from town, and certainly not on any board. She then threatened to call the police on me, saying she knows where I live now.