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, | Unfiltered | January 20, 2020

This story is about my mother.

I was shopping with my mother in a superstore. I had tagged along because I wanted to go to Old Navy and she wanted to use her car which meant I couldn’t borrow it.

We’re checking out and she tries to use a gift card. The gift card was supposed to have $25 on it and she thought it was going to pay for almost all of what she had bought.

Spoiler: it didn’t.

She then blames the cashier for her gift card not having as much as she thought on it and claims that it had more.

We go back out to the car and I check on my phone the balance on her card using the gift card manufactures website. I tell her that she probably just forgot she had spent it. She claimed she hadn’t spent it and that the store had scammed her out of her $25. The balance was $0 just like the cashier had said. It also said she had spent $18 of the gift card at another store earlier in the week.