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A young girl comes up and asks me to set pump 7 for ten dollars. It stops around 9.40, give or take. She comes back. I hand her the change and thank her. She gives me a long suspicious look and a woman comes up (her mother I assume), hands on her hips.

Customer: I gave you ten!
Me: Yes so it must be full-
Customer: *flailing her hands* I GAVE YOU TEN WHY WOULD I NOT GET TEN.
Me: You hung the nozzle up, ma’am it must be full-

She keeps on ranting and raving on how she gave me ten and why would she not get ten and I have a hard time getting a word in edgewise;

Me: Ma’am. Ma’am. I can…I can set it to [change] and you can try- Ma’am I CAN SET IT TO [CHANGE]- you hung the nozzle up it is likely full- I can set it again if-
Customer: *to girl* C’mon this bitch is dumb.
She storms off.
Me: I can do math.