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This occurred when I worked for a cell phone carrier. He is a regular, in a bad way. He rarely purchased anything and came once a week and is this way every time. He looks as if he doesn’t shower, has nappy, tangled long hair, dirty hands, and smells poorly. We’ve accidentally stumbled upon pornographic material on his device multiple times (personal and not).

Customer: *storms angrily into store and throws smartphone and micro SD card on the counter in front of me – causing me to have to catch the SD card* The card doesn’t fit in my phone. Fix it.
Me: Okay…

His phone is always unsanitary (globe and smudge marks all over front and back) so I’m reluctant to touch it. We have all worked with him before and don’t like touching his phone for obvious reasons. I pick it up carefully and open the phone, pop the card in and give it back to him.

Customer: It wouldn’t fit when I tried. Show me how you did it.

Me: *take phone and show him* You just have to put it in the right direction.
Customer: *scratches his scalp vigorously and reaches for his phone*

A live bug (likely lice) crawls from his hand and onto my counter. Immediately I excuse myself to get the manager and tell him. This is a health hazard and we have to remove him from the store and sanitize the area.

Customer: F*** YOU. DUMBA**! *As he storms out of the store* F***ERS. *Slams door so hard the handle dents the exterior wall*

He would always leave calling us some sort of crude name whenever he comes. I also worked at the urgent care at the time and he goes to my urgent care. He was diagnosed with body lice and he ignored all treatments the doctor advised since he refused to shave all the hair on his body off. I was not allowed to disclose this info to my other job but advised my manager ambiguously that he should not be allowed inside the store due to health hazards for other customers. He was banned and never came back.