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(I am working at an animal shelter and am watching an “adoption interview” where the dogs and possible new families get to meet and the shelter staff makes sure that the dog is a good fit for the family. In this case, a husband and wife have come in to adopt a dog.)

Wife: “We’re looking for a dog that is kid friendly.”

Staff: “Fair enough. How old are your children?”

Wife: “9 and 13”

Staff: “[My Name], go get Boss for me please.”

(I go get one of the shelter dogs named Boss.)

Staff: *when I come in with Boss* “This is Boss, he’s really sweet and he loves kids. Do you have any other dogs?”

Husband: “No, we have a cat though.”

Staff: “That’s fine, he’s friendly with other animals, he just doesn’t like dogs much.”

(The adopters and Boss get along well enough until I overhear the following:)

Wife: “Maybe going to the dog park will get the kids out of the house.”

Me: “Uh, excuse me, but did you just say you were planning on taking him to the dog park?”

Wife: “Yeah, dogs love dog parks.”

Me: “Not this one. He’ll be fine if you take him for a walk or let him run around your yard, but it’s not a good idea to let him run free near other dogs.”

Wife: “But dogs love dog parks.”

Staff: “Uh, maybe we should find you a different dog.”

(They ended up adopting a different dog who was higher energy than boss but did better around other dogs. Boss got adopted two weeks later by a man who had a 4 acre fenced property and no other dogs.)

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