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(Here, when supermarkets are open on Sunday morning, it tends to be with a skeleton staff. It should also be noted that I know how the self-checkouts at the place work quite well. One of their aspects is that if the scale doesn’t recognize the item you just put down on it as the one you scanned, there are two very conspicuous changes on the screen: 1) The instructions change to “control problem, are you sure you put down the righ item?” 2) The big tactile button that allows one to proceed to paying for the items vanishes. This can only be resolved by an override from a station common to six check-out machines, and it’s a common problem so I have gotten used to just waiting it out. That morning, I have only two items and the line to the self-checkouts is long even by Sunday standards. I get the problem described above with my first item, but chalk it up to bad luck. The employee manning the station overrides, then probably goes off to help other people. I get the same problem with my second item.)
Me: Wow, if this happens with each item, no wonder the line is so long.
Cutomer behind me: What is happening?
Me: Got the “control problem” thing with two items in a row. Just waiting for help on the second.
Cutomer behind me: *Look at the items listed on my screen, then those on my scale that are quit obviously the same* Everything looks right to me. Why don’t you just pay?
Me:*Points at control station, that is empty at that moment* I really can’t do it until the person over there overrides it.
Customer: All you have to do is hit the pay button on the screen. (Pay button that is *not* on the screen at the moment)
(I try to explain again, setting my mind on having him understand in case he runs into the problem also. In the middle of that second attempt, I notice the employee returning and the override kicking in soon after, enabling me to process payment. I admit I become part of the problem as continue to try explaining while processing the payment (telling if have a loyalty card or not, then choosing my means of payment), while he instructs me how to do things as if I didn’t know how the machine works.)
Me:*at little irritated at that point* I know how these work, I just really could not pay until the employee resolved the problem.
(On the way back, I noticed a mother I know on the way to the supermarket with her two children and advised her to avoid the self-checkout in case there was a problem with it.)

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