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Neanderthal Hillibilly couple who may also be first cousins
(Man and women each have a purchase of their own)
Female specimen:(puts mop two inches away from my face) can you scan this so I can put it back in the cart
Me: uh um o-ok(finishes purchase hands her receipt rings up Neanderthal man
Female specimen: the hummus was supposed to be 2.50 they say 2.99 on my receipt (she has two, so yes 98 cents)
Me:ok you’re gonna have to go to guest service I can’t do anything about it now here at the register
Neanderthal: put those items in a separate(he meant to say different) bag that one has a hole in it (I proceed to do so)no why would you put those cookies with the fruit just put it in a different bag
Me: there’s no need to be rude sir
Neanderthal: no yur da one dats bean rude you told her to go to guest service instead of helping( me in a state of stress puts items back into torn bag) why are you doing that
Me: you need to be civil
Neanderthal: no you be civil I’m the customer YOU have to be nice to ME[condescendingly reads my name off name tag while insinuating that I must be nice to him under any circumstance whatsoever] so relax
Me:,:0 it’s not that I’m being rude I just can’t give the refund over here I’m not able to
Female specimen:why do I have to wait for the stores mistake
Me: we’ll I’m sorry but I CAN’T fix the problem here( both go silent I give them receipt and point them to cust. service. Minutes later I go to take a break and I see they are at cust. service yelling at the coworker and I go over and try to help eventually manager comes over and gives them their 1 dollar, technically 98 cents, and he demands the store managers number and claims he’s going to call. Best part is that later on my coworker said that he told her “go f#%* yourself” flashback-I’m the customer YOU have to be nice to ME
While I clearly just proved I really don’t although I wasn’t not being nice I also wasn’t exactly kissing a#%, they need to make stricter laws on incestuous relations otherwise this is what happens! we climb back down the evolutionary latter.

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