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(I’m at a yard sale with a friend who I work with. At one table, we find a small plastic organizer. It’s marked at 10 cents.)

Friend: *picks it up* “Oh, this would be good for our pens and pencils and stuff at work! You want to go halvsies on it?”

Me: “Sure.”

(I get out a nickel and hand it to the guy.)

Friend: *gets out her money* “Oh shoot, I don’t have a nickel. Do you have change?”

Guy: “No, sorry.”

Friend: “I think I have one in the car. I’ll be right back.”

(My friend proceeds to walk all the way back to her car–which is pretty far away–get a nickel, and bring it back. We take our item and continue on to the next table.)

Friend: *thinks for a second* “Wow, that was so cheap of us. We should have just paid him a quarter!”

Me: *laughs* “I wonder what he’s thinking of us right now!”

(The next time we were at work, we told all of our coworkers about how cheap/stupid we were that we couldn’t pay an extra 15 cents for a used office organizer. I still like telling that story to new people we get, even though she’s a little embarrassed by it.)

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