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(My girlfriend and I both work for the Ambulance Service. She’s a paramedic in uniform, I’m in plain office clothes. We’re in a supermarket, looking at pizzas, when an old lady comes up.)
Lady: *to girlfriend, but glancing at me* Excuse me, I’m sorry to bother you while you’re with another patient, but I’ve been having a problem with my foot.
Girlfriend: Ah, I’m afraid I can’t really help you if it’s not an emergency. I’m not on duty at the moment.
Lady: Well it is an emergency! (It is clearly not)
Girlfriend: Ok… well how about you tell me what the problem is, and I’ll see if I can help?
Lady: My foot is very itchy, and I don’t know why. Before you say it, it isn’t my tights! It’s been itchy for a few days. I’m sure it’s a rash. *starts fiddling with her shoe, like she’s trying to take it off*
Girlfriend: Have you tried visiting the walk-in centre? There’s one on [road]. You don’t need an appointment, and the doctors there will be able to take a look at it. They can prescribe you something to help.
Lady: No. Stop being lazy! You’re here right now, so why can’t you help me?
Girlfriend: Because this isn’t an emergency. Even if it was, I wouldn’t have the facilities to do more than just help until an actual ambulance arrived.
Lady: I don’t think it needs an ambulance. It’s just annoying me a lot. What are you going to do about it?
(The lady actually takes off her shoe, and shows us her foot. It looks like a perfectly normal foot, except for a red patch – seemingly from repeated scratching. She keeps going on about how annoying it is and how she needs medical attention, until my girlfriend finally insists that she go to the walk-in centre or make an appointment with her GP. The old lady leaves in a huff.)
Girlfriend: I’m going to start changing out of my uniform when I finish shift… (this isn’t the first time something like this has happened)

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