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The Mate and I were doing grocery shopping and needed dog food. We have 5 dogs, a couple of them large, so we buy the biggest bag of food. The dog food is at the end of the aisle, so we line up the cart parallel to the end cap, so I have a straight shot to sling the bag underneath and the Mate is holding it, so he can’t be seen from the aisle. I’ve got the bag halfway to the cart when Mr. Good Ol’ Boy offers to help. I decline, say thanks, and finish moving the bag. Then this:
MGOB: (coming around the corner & seeing the Mate) Oh, you have a man with you! >sneer at ‘Man’ letting li’l ol’ me load dog food<
Me: Yeah, I have a ‘Man’ with me. I like having him with me. That’s why I load the dog food, since his CARDIOLOGIST said he shouldn’t lift anything over 15-20 pounds. Thanks.
MGOB: slinks off, looking a lot less sure of himself.
Mate thanks me for standing up for him. I buy myself a candy bar because I’m just that spiffy. :)

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